Team Building- its meaning and its need

When individuals having common interests come together to work towards a common goal or objective, a team is formed. The success of the team is only possible when every member of the team feels equally motivated towards the goal and works hard to achieve it. The individual contribution of every team member is important to avoid any clashes within the team. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAGdAAAAJDBiMzkyY2E5LThiYTYtNDY4MC04YWVjLTFhY2Y3NGFmN2VhMA

 Team Building

Working in a team can be stressful and tricky if the team members are not cooperative and do not motivate each other. Team building refers to various activities and efforts that are undertaken to build team spirit among the members. The tasks undertaken in team building help to motivate the members and thus improve the performance of the company or the organization.

Importance of Team building or its need

The team building activities are very popular in corporate organizations since they yield the following benefits-

  1. They help in individual and overall development of team members which in turn helps to improve the performance of the team
  2. It helps raise the level of motivation among the employees and the team members feel driven to achieve their targets as a team.
  3. It leads to better and healthy relationship between leaders and employees and also among the employees themselves.
  4. It leads to better communication within the team that helps employees voice their opinions freely and make better decisions for the organization. It also eliminates the ill effects of communication gap.
  5. When the employees work as a team, they have better problem solving skills and can face any crisis that might come up in the organization.
  6. Working and communicating as a team leads to unexpected unique ideas that lead to better decision making and better opportunities for the company.

Ways to build an effective team455646977

Building a team is not about collecting a few people and handing them a task to perform. It needs much more study and strategic ways of forming a team. Some of the points to remember to form an effective team are-

  1. The most important factor to keep in mind is to set clear goals that are easily understood by the team members. The goals should be smart i.e.-
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound
  1. There should be clear, consistent and regular communication among the team members in the form of regular meetings, newsletters status reports and mails etc.
  2. There should be a systematic process for any member to join the team or the group. Before they join they should understand the objective of the team and their role in it.
  3. The role of a team leader should be clearly assigned to avoid any confusion or clashes within the team. A team leader must ensure that all the systems and practices that are defined are followed too.
  4. Team building activities must be regularly organized for a better team spirit among the members of the team.

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