Tinder App for Dating

By asking your grandparents how they met and how they got to know each other, you might stumble onto a romantic tale of dates by the beach, going to parties and having fun at carnival rides. Well it would be a great way to date, but unfortunately because of how busy life can get we won’t have any time to spare. Since people still want an effective way to meet other people, dating apps were developed. Tinder is a highly recommended dating chat and we’re sure that you’ve heard of it before. tinder-600x338-e1439412008227

Tinder Chat

Tinder has been around for about five years now, the initial release date was September 2012; it has lasted this long compared to all the other available dating chats. What makes Tinder stand out is the location function, the app would present other people that you can meet up with whom are fairly close to your area; the area of the users are based on their Facebook. It’s not really all that fun to really get to know a person and find out that they live thousands of miles away; although the difficulty in location hasn’t hindered other people to meet up.tinder-app-ad

Tinder is one of the first apps to make use of the swiping motion for their options. The registered users perform swiping motions when choosing from other people’s photos; they swipe right for any potential matches and they swipe left on those that don’t interest them and move on. Tinder has become so successful from their initial release that by 2014, the company registered over a billion ‘swipes’ a day. Majorly used as a dating app but Tinder has already branch out and covers more services, now it more of a general social media application rather than just being a dating app.

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