Top 10 Conversation Mistakes

Not all people are comfortable in social situations. There are some who are gifted with excellent social skills, while others struggle with being socially awkward at best. The good news is that it is not too late to improve your conversation skills. It will take hard work, practice and time, but it is possible.

Most people don’t realize that we commit the same social faux pas every day. To improve your conversation skills, here is a list of 10 things not to do.

Not Listen

Don’t eagerly await your turn to talk in a conversation, but actually listen to what the person is saying instead of just hearing it.

Start an Interrogation

While it is acceptable to ask an occasional question, don’t bombard the person you are talking to with an endless string of questions. Instead, try mixing it up between questions and statements.

Hog the Limelight

It is not pleasant to hear one person rant and conduct a one-sided conversation. You have to pass the mic sometimes and step aside to let others have their chance to shine.

Play the I am better than you game.

As tempting as it may be, don’t verbally compare your greatness to others, don’t. Keep in mind that you are in a conversation and not a competition. No one has to outdo the other.

Check your Phone

Technology has become part of our everyday lives, and some people feel as if they can not live without it. It is considered extremely rude to check your phone during a conversation, so unless it is a life or death situation, keep your phone in your pocket, purse, etc.

Young couple making a toast

Change the topic to suit your interest

Everyone has their topic of interest, but they are different for different people. The current topic may be boring, but allow the conversation to naturally progress to a different topic.

Be Boring

Be prepared at all times to change the topic if it is starting to become boring or run out of momentum. Don’t ramble on for 10 minutes straight about something no one cares about. Focus on positive topics that leave room for subject changes.

Not appeal to your audience

Not to say do not be yourself, but be the version that is appropriate for the current social situation. Things you talk to your friends about may not be appropriate discussion material for your boss or someone you just met. This also includes the use of profanity.

Not participating

Invest in the conversation. Do not just stand there and simply nod your head and answer with short and choppy statements. Ask questions and make relevant comments. Also, have good body language. Encourage the person with smiles, eye contact and appropriate facial expressions.


Let the person finish their statement or thought before you butt in. Don’t cut the other person off because that shows you have no interest in hearing what they have to say. Just listen. Then when the time is right, comment.

The aforementioned points will surely help you in not only creating new relations but also mending broken ones as well as they are tried and tested formulae and if applied and followed through correctly, it will surely give you success in your endeavors. For more information, you can always try out the okcupid dating app from your playstore for better information regarding relationship conversations and how to make things going.

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