Vin History Gives You Instant Access To All The Information About A Car

Vin History Gives You Instant Access To All The Information About A Car

VIN is an abbreviation for vehicle identification number associated with a car. Every car has a unique VIN which helps in keeping track of every car. This unique number consists of 17 characters which are a combination of capital letters and numbers. A lot of people think that this combination is assigned randomly just keeping in mind that it is unique for every operating car. VIN actually works like a code that consists of various types of information that can be decoded only if you are able to interpret the significance of each character in this code. VIN history can give you some valuable information about the car such as registration, features, year of manufacturing, insurance coverage etc. There are various websites that allow the facility to simply enter this unique code and retrieve complete VIN history of the car.


All the cars that are manufactured in 1981 or later strictly have 17 characters long VIN code. If you come across some car with VIN having less than 17 characters, it most probably means that the vehicle was manufactured before 1981. Other times, you might have missed one or two characters by mistake. Once can easily find this unique code at the dashboard just in front of the driver’s seat. It can be easily viewed from outside the vehicle on the driver’s side of the vehicle.


The first character gives you an idea where the vehicle was built, next two characters reveals information about manufacturer, next five characters provide information about size of engine, brand and type, next character is a security code, 10th character tells about the year of the model, 11th character gives an idea of plant where it was manufactured and last six characters offer information about serial number of the car. Additionally, the combination of 2nd, 3rd and 8th character helps in differentiating flexible fuel cars from the rest.

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