What is an Emulator?

Emulators are programs that are designed specifically so that old video games can be easily played on the new video game consoles or the personal computers of Windows and Mac. Precisely, they make the old video games compatible with the new technology. 1

Pokemon Emulator

A Pokemon Emulator thus, is a program that allows an android phone, a computer, or a modern video gaming console to run or play an old video game that was originally designed for:

  • Nintendo DS, 3DS, N64
  • Gameboy
  • Any other Nintendo console

Benefits of Emulators

Some of the benefits of emulators for video game consoles are:

  1. Using a patch together with Pokemon emulator helps to translate the Pokeman games into several other languages.
  2. The existing games can be easily modified.
  3. It helps to develop new games for the old and existing systems.
  4. They help to maintain the originality (appearance, feel and touch) of the Pokemon games.
  5. Since the emulators are free, the choice is more cost efficient for the users.ki03f1z

An emulator is divided into modules that correspond to the subsystems of the computer that has been emulated. It is usually composed of a CPU emulator also called a CPU simulator, memory subsystem module and various other input/output device emulators.

Following are some of the emulators for the video game consoles that are already popular in the market:

  • VBA (advance Pokemon games)
  • Gens (SEGA Genesis)
  • ePSXe (Sony Play station Pokemon titles)

The release of these emulators multiplies the interest and craze of video games among the children and the adults alike. One can easily choose them from a wide array that is available and download them from the internet. They are available for Windows XP, Vista; Mac, Sony PSP or even a cell phone.

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